Bare Knuckle Farm, founded in 2009, is a small farm co-owned by Jess Piskor and Abra Berens and lovingly tended by John Hardy and his farm crew. We are dedicated to small-scale agriculture that supplies a healthful, delicious, beautiful, and diverse array of vegetables to our friends and neighbors.

Our farm is located on land owned by Jess’s grandpa, Jack Fiebing. In 2009, Jess and co-founder Abra Berens turned soil for the first time between two tart cherry groves.  Beginning with a few frost-nipped radishes and sandy spinach in the early spring, we managed to somehow grow enough food to fill our old pickup truck full of produce twice a week. The farm is borne of Grandpa Jack’s generosity and sustained by the help of family, friends and the community around us. 

2017 is Bare Knuckle Farm’s ninth growing season. This year we are focused on growing our systems to produce more food in an ever more efficient manner-- we aim to never be without salad and radishes again! Because of this intense winter, the heated greenhouse that Jess and Michelle built will be extra important. Even with the ground still frozen, the transplants are looking great and will help get the garden growing if it ever really warms up. 

We will be selling at farmers’ markets on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in Traverse City, Northport and Suttons Bay respectively. There you can use our "Bare Knuckle Bucks" Market Investor CSA, now in its seventh season, to pick out whatever you need for a week of cooking without having to bring cash to the market. 


Market Locations and Times for 2015


Northport, MI - Fridays, 9am - 1pm, Northport Village Marina. 

Open June 2 through September 8


Suttons Bay, MI - Saturdays, 9am - 1pm, North Park (M-22 and M-204). 

Open May 6 through October 28


Traverse City, MI - Wednesdays, 8am - 12pm, Sara Hardy Market. 

Open June 3 through October 21



Market Investor CSA

Bare Knuckle Bucks are the best way for you to invest in our farm and eat delicious produce all season long. By signing up ahead of time, we’ll give you an instant dollar increase on your investment.

Here’s how it works:

  • Decide how much you would like to invest and write us a check for that amount. The more you invest, the bigger the bonus:
  •     $50 = 55 Bare Knuckle Bucks
        $100 = 110 BKB
        $250 = 300 BKB

  • Shop weekly at any of our farmers market stands.
  • We'll keep track of your balance; you just pick out what you need and be on your way. No cash money needed!

Spent all your dollars? You can reinvest with us anytime during the season. Didn't spend it all? You can spend it on winter storage foods like potatoes and onions. Or wait until spring; the dollars will roll over to the next season.